Monday, May 8, 2017

Inexpensive Party Ideas For The Budget Conscious Parent

Birthday parties do not have to cost you an arm or a leg in order for them to be fun. Here are some ideas for celebrating your child’s special day on a budget.

The summertime is an awesome time to throw a party as there are countless inexpensive or even free venues! If you live near a beach or lake either would make for a really cool place to have a party as long as the invitees could swim, or better yet hire a lifeguard for you party to ease any worries. Pack the cooler with cold drinks and frozen treats to keep cool. Scavenger hunts or even having sand castle building contest make for fun activities. Buy a bunch of cheap beach balls and beach toys for hours of entertainment. Not only are beach parties free but can be a super relaxing way to entertain a group of energetic kids.

If your child's party is in the winter it makes for a little more difficult to take advantage of the free outdoor venues but it can still be done! If you live where there is snow you can find and hill and do sledding and have hot chocolate after. One year we did my son's birthday on the local train and we did our own "Polar Express". I bought chocolate milks and cookies and we read the book on the way to the stop and back, it was really inexpensive. Santa even got on at the last stop!

Sleep over parties are a really low cost way to celebrate your child's special day.  Heehee, it may be free but might cost you a few hours of sleep! You can make it a movie night and can rent a movie and make popcorn or make it a spa night and paint nails and do facials.For extra activities play board games or something interactive like charades. If your child enjoys camping you can put up some tents in the backyard and "pretend" you are camping, smores and all. Donuts or pancakes make for a perfect breakfast for your sleepover guests!

Another birthday party idea that is super fun and inexpensive is a cupcake decorating party where they can decorate their own cupcakes. Buy a bunch of cheap ready-made icing from the store and a variety of candies, some stores will also sell plain cupcakes with no icing. This is great fun as the kids are able to choose from different color icings and toppings. They can take their decorated cupcake home with them so it can double as a favor!

Finally, there is movie night at your local recreation center, or even a pool party if you have a pool. If you have a park nearby, they always make for a great place for a picnic type party which is always low cost and fun! I had my daughter's 8th party at a local park during the summer that had this awesome hill so we bought along a huge sheet of plastic that is got from the local hardware store and added some soap and water and had the most fabulous (and cheap) slip and slide! Add some water guns and water balloons and the kids will have a blast!