Monday, November 7, 2016

Girls Parties: Frozen Party

Frozen Party

This party was so fun and not expensive at all!

My daughter’s birthday is in February so I shopped around in all the winter clearance sections and got some really great deals on things I used for decorations. Things like snow blankets and white Christmas lights set the scene for a perfect winter (not in winter) party! I also found some large appliance size boxes and painted them blue and sprinkled glitter on them, cut them into long triangles and stapled them together to create an ice castle for the doorway - the girls loved it!

Cardboard ice castle over the doorway
The Table Setting
For the table setting I used a snow blanket I got on clearance and covered it with blue sparkly tulle, it gave it a beautiful sparkle. For the centerpiece, I used artificial blue winter plants in a glass vase with blue and clear glass beads at the bottom. I sprinkled little blue diamonds (from the wedding section) along the length of the table to add some extra “bling”. For the place   settings I used the round silver platters and a coordinating paper plate. The tea   cups were from goodwill and matched the theme perfectly! Once again, I found some cute water bottle labels online and added blue glitter snowflakes around the table  for the final touch.

My husband served tea dressed in a snowman suit that I made from white felt stuffed with cushion stuffing. The girls loved this!
Having "Frozen" tea

Olaf serving "Frozen" jello
The Activities

I had such a fun time with the activities for this party. Each girl received a cute blue tutu (that I found online for $3 each) as well as a blue crown and a cape. I made the capes from tulle  (took a yard each) and ribbon to tie, they turned out really cute! We also had face painting (I bought a template off Amazon and some white face paint and sponged a crown on their foreheads, it looked awesome) and nail painting. My older daughter  used blue and white nail polish to paint the girls’ nails. Finally, we had a “build a snowman” station. I provided white, black and orange dough, a couple black pipe cleaners for arms and some “make your own snow” which you just add water to and voila, you have snow!

Having a crown face painted on our forehead

Getting "frozen" nails

"Do you want to build a snowman?"

The Favors
For the favors, we had a scavenger hunt and they got to keep all the things they found. We also had an “Adopt A Snowman” station where they got to pick a snowman and take him home!
Scavenger hunt