Thursday, September 22, 2016

Boys Parties: Hot Wheels Party

Hot Wheels Party

The Table Setting
Every little boy loves race cars, my son was no different! Decorating for this party was so much fun. I bought a couple black tablecloths and a yellow paint pen, and made dotted lines down the middle to mimic a road, they turned out really cute. We  found some race car plates and cups and some cute race car water bottle labels. I also found some car pictures online and printed them, and placed them behind the table. Using orange card stock I made some mini cones and filled them with candy and placed them on the tables.
The table settings

Candy-filled mini cones on road tablecloth
I also found some mini bubbles at the local party store and put a cute wrapper  on them for something extra. 


I made a custom banner using craft  paper that matched my colors and I printed out circle letters. I found some mini award cups and filled them with candy. For additional decorations I wrapped a couple shoe boxes with black plastic tablecloth and, using green, red and yellow card stock made some traffic lights. I also created  and printed a couple speed signs.

Custom made banner

Winner cups and sugar sticks for decoration
Shoebox stop sign decoration and speed limit printouts

For an activity we bought a piece of wood from the hardware store, painted it black and put a white line down the middle. We provided a bunch of cars and the boys were able to race their cars. They were also able to play with the cars on "road" after eating. We played a stop and go game and colored some Hot Wheels printouts.

For the favor bags I bought some plain red bags and, using some checkered craft paper created a flap and sealed it with a car and wheel sticker. On the back there was a tag that said “Thanks for racing over!” Inside they each received a car, some candy and some other racing trinkets that I found at the party store.

Favor bags

Favor bags