Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Girls Parties: Spa Party

Spa Party

We decided to do a Spa Party for my daughter's 10th birthday. We transformed our house into a Day Spa for this party! I named the Day Spa "MnM' Day Spa, following my daughters initials. I made a big sign that we hung on the door so the girls knew they were entering a Spa. We also greeted them with a glass of sparkling grape juice and a warm towel. Upon entering the had to sign in at the reception desk.

Sign for the door

The Invitation
I was really creative with the Spa Party invite. Each girl received a brochure of services  that I created on the computer. Inside the brochure was a gift certificate for three services of their choice. They had to bring this gift certificate to the party to redeem at check-in.
The Invitation and "Gift Certificate"

Activities and Decorations
When they arrived I had my dining room set up as a check-in desk and waiting room with some chairs and magazines. I also had a little changing area where they put the towel robes I made from a cheap towel and added elastic to the top.

Waiting Room/Changing Area

We also had some soothing spa music in the background. At check-in the girls were given a clipboard and had to select the services they wished to partake in.
Spa choices
I had a table set up with a small container of foot scrub, face mask and lotion. I created a personalized label for each small container. We then proceeded to have stations with all the services. A friend kindly offered to do nails so we also had a manicure and nail painting area.
Mini bottles of lotion, scrub and face mask

Table set-up
Girls getting a facial while listening to spa music
The girls each got  their own towel and water bottle to take home. They also got to keep their wraps and all the left over spa goodies - it was a blast!