Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Boys Parties: Nerf Dart Tag Party

Nerf Dart Tag Party

My son was really into nerf guns so for his 9th birthday we decided to organize a Nerf Dart Tag party for him, it was a blast for kids and adults as well!

The Invitation
The Table Setting
For the table setting I just went with an orange table cloth and black plates. I went with a camo colored cup to spruce it up! Using orange and black tissue paper and  an empty toilet roll I made “darts” filled with candy, the boys loved these.
Table setting with candy-filled "darts"
First we did some practice shooting on our driveway. We made a wooden stand and attached plastic cups as targets for the boys to practice on.
Target practice
I made the boys simple dart tag vests using  black felt and added a red or blue target on the front. I used sticky Velcro and stuck small pieces on each dart so they would stick to the vest. We set up a practice station that they used before heading to the local park which I had set up for them.
At the part we set up a refreshment table with water bottles, Jell-O and popcorn because dart tag is hard work!
Using cardboard from moving boxes I created bases and coved one with a blue plastic table cloth and one in red and the spray painted “red” and “blue” to make them look rustic. The boys all had a blast running around tagging each other!
Red team

Blue team
The Favors
For the favors I found some cheap green, plastic cups and using an orange and black puffy paint pen I customized them. Inside  I filled them with some darts, camo tattoos and a lollypop that I printed and glued a target to the wrapper that said thanks for tagging me!