Monday, September 19, 2016

Girls Parties: Roller Skating Party

Roller Skating Party

My daughter loves to roller skate so we decided to have a roller skating party with a small group of her friends.

I purchased some clip art off the internet and created a cute invite using her favorite colors; purple and blue. I made a custom envelope in some cute matching paper to  be different.

The invitation
The Table Setting
For the tables I decided to go with some shiny, purple sequin fabric to add some bling and mimic a disco ball texture, it looked awesome! I used a blue table runner down the middle and sprinkled blue glass jewels on it to reflect the light. For the place settings, I went with cute square plates and napkins that matched the colors. I also purchased some cute blue water bottles with handles for the girls to tote around with them.
Extras for the table
The Favors
For the favor bags I bought some plain brown bags and glued a roller skate to each bag, alternating blue and purple. To add a 3d effect I added a coordinating bow to mimic the lace, they turned out very cute! The actual favor was a plastic ornament ball I bought at the hobby store and inside was a pair of long socks. I then glued sequins to the outside of the ornament so it looked like a mini disco ball and then added a thank you tag. Also in the bag was a necklace, headband and some candy.
Favor bag with roller skate

Clear plastic Christmas ornament with tube sock inside