Saturday, September 17, 2016

Boys Parties: Video Game Party

Video Game Party

My son wanted to have a video game party for his 8th birthday so we had a couple TVs with Wii, Xbox and PlayStation set up and rented a bunch of games we rented from  a local movie/game rental kiosk. This kept the boys pretty busy, other than a few snack breaks!

The Invitation
I made little baskets of snacks for each boy and a bag of pre-popped pop corn. Each boy also had a custom water bottle .  I typed and printed out their names and, using spray glue, I glued them to the water bottles. I found the red metal water bottles at the local dollar store.

Fuel-up station

Wii remote cupcakes

For the cupcakes, I used blue frosting and a mini white chocolate bar that I decorated with a black gel icing  to look like a Wii remote. I purchased some “boyish” craft paper and, using a template I found online, cut my own cupcake wrappers (see template at the end of this book). For favors, I found a DIY cardstock Wii remote template online and stuffed it with candy. The boys also got to take their water bottles and baskets home.