Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Girls Parties: A Princess Party

Princess Party

The Invitation
For the Princess Party I found  an inexpensive, adorable invitation from the local hobby store and added a small silver ribbon to spruce it up. For the inside of the  envelope, I found some cute princess craft paper, and cut an insert and glued it to the inside to add a little something. I addressed the invitees as Princess “Name” and added a princess crown sticker to top it off.

The Table Setting
The table setting is the most fun for me! I went with two yards of pink satin fabric (which is the perfect size for a standard 6ft table). We had 10 guests so I purchased 10 silver platters from the dollar store and topped them with a princess paper plate (also from the dollar store). I found the tea cups (actually punch glasses) from the goodwill store for 99c each and placed a small doily under each cup. The crowns and wands were also dollar store purchases. I bought a package of pink wedding bells so they could ring for more tea, this was a HUGE hit!

The Cake
Sticking with the princess theme, I went with a princess cake. Using the doll cake mold from the local craft store I made use of one of my daughters favorite Barbie's and simply decorated the dress with pink and white icing and sprinkles.
The Activities
Every princess has to have a carriage! Using some old cardboard from moving boxes, I cut out the shape of a pumpkin, added a top and two circles for wheels and of course some bling! I cut an opening and added some tulle for curtains. Once it had all been painted and assembled, we tied it to a toy wagon and voila, we had a carriage fit for a princess! My son was happy to take the little princesses on carriage rides around the yard.
Following the carriage rides all the princesses sat down to do a simple coloring craft and do their make-up. I purchased each girl a multicolored eye shadow kit and some lip gloss.. The dollar store had these adorable antique looking plastic mirrors so they could admire themselves!

The Favors
For the favor bags I purchased plain craft bags and added a tulle skirt with hot glue and a little bling crown I cut out of sticky foam stock. The girls were allowed to take their crown, wand, make-up, craft and a princess pop ring as their favor.