Monday, September 12, 2016

Girls Parties: Classic Tea Party

Classic Tea Party

Decorations and Food
For my daughter’s fourth birthday she begged me for a tea party. I went with a pink and brown theme and it turned out adorable! I found some cute brown and pink floral fabric for the table cloth and used some pink fabric, cut in rectangles, as placemats. A white doily topped the placemat to give it a vintage feel. I used white china plates that had a gold rim, yes crazy with four year olds, but so cute! For the tea cups, I found some china espresso cups and saucers at a popular housewares store and they worked perfectly, small enough for tiny hands! Each place setting had a little tea menu and pink flower. The little girls had a blast with this party, drinking tea (apple juice) and eating cucumber and PB&J sandwiches - it was darling! The thing they loved most was the bell each girl had to ring for more tea!

Cute Tea Menu
Individual place settings
The whole table - decorated

Activities and Favors
For the activities, we played pin the tea bag on the tea pot, colored some tea party inspired coloring pages, and to top it off they got to paint their tea cup and saucer which was their take home gift! We also have a nail and make-up station.
Sipping Tea (a.k.a Apple juice)

Nail Salon