Thursday, October 20, 2016

Girls Parties: Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach Movie Party

A friend of mine asked me to do a Teen Beach Movie themed party for her 10 year old - it was so much fun! I set up the whole party outside as we planned to do a screening of the movie once it got dark. I used a large white sheet that I attached to the fence and using a projector this worked nicely at dusk. I bought a bunch of multicolored towels from walmart and placed them on the grass for them to sit on. I decorated using inflatable beach balls and large cardboard surfboards, tiki party stuff and twinkle lights strung around the back yard. My friend had a karaoke  box so i created an area for karaoke and purchased the sing along CD, the girls loved this! 


I also created a backdrop for photos, using brown wrapping paper and a bag of play sand with some blue cellophane to replicate the ocean, it looked great. we had a bunch of props from big hair to lays and some funny sayings.

Photo Booth
For the food table I used some moving boxes to create a mini version of Big Momma's Snack Shack, with a sign hanging out front. We used the printables that Disney provided on their site for the food cards. We had "Ocean Water" for drinks, "Surfboard" cookies, Goldfish and Chips as "Fish & Chips" and a bunch of other fun foods!

Table Settings
Big Momma's
Food Labels provided by Disney
For the activity, I had my husband cut out a bunch of mini surfboards using plywood. I supplied paint and brushes and each girl got to decorate a surfboard to take home.

For the favors, we used beach buckets filled with some flip flops, a towel and some candy with a cute thank you label attached.

The party was so fun!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Adult Parties: 40th

40th Birthday Party

Although I love doing kid's parties, I had just as much fun with this 40th birthday party. My friend wanted to do a gold and black themed 40th for her husband in their backyard (which was gorgeous) so I got to decorate inside and out. We started with a sign on the front door to greet the guests as they arrived.
Front Door Sign
Inside we hung a custom banner I made for the party in gold, black and cream with her husband's name and then with the extra pieces of card stock I created another banner.


I rented tall round cocktail tables and covered them with cream tablecloths and tied them at the bottom with a black and gold sash. They looked stunning next to the pool. On each table I placed a custom centerpiece made from square glass vases filled with gold beads and artificial cream roses. I placed a glow stick inside each vase for when it got dark.

Round Cocktail Tables

Centerpieces and cushions

They also had a couch on the patio so I made a couple gold/black cushions to add a little something. 

I also made a photo booth background out on a piece of plywood covered in back fabric. I added a string of clear lights and a banner to hang across and placed some props on a nearby table. This was a hit!

Photo Booth
For the favors, I got some gold Hershey kisses and placed a small sticker on the bottom of each "kiss". Some stickers had an "S" for Scott and some said 40. I then places a handful of "kisses" in a clear favor box and added a cute thank you tag. The guests loved these!


The party went great and my friend was very happy!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

How To Make A Custom Envelope Insert

What You Will Need

1.  Craft paper of choice to match theme

2.  Envelope

3.  Scissors

4.  Spray glue


1.  Cut template according to envelope you are using by tracing around envelope and the cutting about 1/2inch smaller than your lines

2.  Place template over chosen craft paper

3.  Cut along lines

4.  Glue insert into the inside of the envelope

5.  Fold at the crease