Thursday, September 29, 2016

Girls Parties: Cheer Party

Cheer Party

The Invitation

For my second daughter's 7th birthday she wanted to have a Cheer Party because she loves Cheer! I decided to go with a hot pink and black zebra print theme. We did go ahead and do this party at her local Cheer gym but I supplied all the decorations. I purchased some really cute Cheer Clip Art off Etsy from a store names Jessicasawyerdesigns, they were exactly what I wanted! I created the invitation using a zebra background and pink borders and the cute cheer girl clip art I purchased, it turned out really cute. We hand delivered the invites inside cute cheer horn with their name on it.

The Invitation

The Table Decorations

For the table setting I purchased some cute pink sequin fabric (because can you ever have enough bling at a cheer party?!) and set some large black plates with a smaller pink and white zebra print plate on top of them. It looked really cute! 

I found some little white favor boxes in the wedding section of the Dollar Store and created a cute thank you sticker, with the clip art I have purchased, and glued it on the favor box. Inside the box I have individually wrapped some pink cookies from the local grocery store in clear favor bags and tied them with a pretty ribbon. These went at each place setting. I also made a cute water bottle label for the mini water bottles that tied in perfectly. For the centerpiece I used one of my daughters cheer trophies and placed some random pom-poms around it.

Table setting
For favors each girl was given a cheer bow, a personalized water bottle I had added a cheer sticker to and a set of poms to take home. I found some plastic medals in the party section of the Dollar Store and tied those around the water bottles. We had some boys too so they got a blue personalized water bottle and some other little football trinkets. Everyone had a great time!

Personalized water bottle

Cheer bows

Favor table

Monday, September 26, 2016

Girls Parties: Barbie Fashionista Party

Barbie Fashionista Party

The Invitation
Fashion has always been big in my house! My girls love to dress their Barbies as fashion superstars so it was only fitting to have a fashionista party! I created the invite using some pink striped  background, some black damasks and some fashion clip art.
The Invitation

The Table Setting
I am a big fan of using fabric as my tablecloths instead of plastic – it just looks classier. For this party I went with a dark pink satin fabric. I accented it with black square plates topped with black and white damask plates I found at the local party store. I went with these cute frames I found in the dollar section of a local store for their names. Some cute water labels made the water bottles pop! The setting was completed with a little menu.

Table Setting

Individual Setting

I purchased a trifold board and added fashion magazine logos all over it and the girls got to take pictures in front of it with their Shirley Temples! They also got to walk the runway, paint their nails and design a dress! I made simple, plain white doll dresses and supplied all sorts of things to design a one-of-a-kind dress - it was a blast!
Getting photographed upon entering

Decorating Barbie dress

Nail painting station

Walking the runway!

The Favors
For the favors I set up a fashion store with some make-up, lip gloss, candy etc. and gave them a small shopping bag, and they were allowed to  go shopping - this was a hit!
Fashion shop where they shopped for their favors

Friday, September 23, 2016

How To Make A Custom Banner

How To Make A Custom Banner

What You’ll need:
1. Craft paper to match your theme, cut into triangles
2. Brads
3. Ribbon
4. Hole punch
5. Spray glue
6. Scissors
7. Printed letters



1. Fold paper in half

2. Cute triangle

3. Use the hole punch to punch a hole at each top corner of your triangle

4. Join triangles together using brads

5. Use ribbon on each last triangle to be used for hanging

6. Using a computer, print out letters needed, cut circles around the letters

7. Spay glue the letters on each triangle

Finished Banner

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Boys Parties: Hot Wheels Party

Hot Wheels Party

The Table Setting
Every little boy loves race cars, my son was no different! Decorating for this party was so much fun. I bought a couple black tablecloths and a yellow paint pen, and made dotted lines down the middle to mimic a road, they turned out really cute. We  found some race car plates and cups and some cute race car water bottle labels. I also found some car pictures online and printed them, and placed them behind the table. Using orange card stock I made some mini cones and filled them with candy and placed them on the tables.
The table settings

Candy-filled mini cones on road tablecloth
I also found some mini bubbles at the local party store and put a cute wrapper  on them for something extra. 


I made a custom banner using craft  paper that matched my colors and I printed out circle letters. I found some mini award cups and filled them with candy. For additional decorations I wrapped a couple shoe boxes with black plastic tablecloth and, using green, red and yellow card stock made some traffic lights. I also created  and printed a couple speed signs.

Custom made banner

Winner cups and sugar sticks for decoration
Shoebox stop sign decoration and speed limit printouts

For an activity we bought a piece of wood from the hardware store, painted it black and put a white line down the middle. We provided a bunch of cars and the boys were able to race their cars. They were also able to play with the cars on "road" after eating. We played a stop and go game and colored some Hot Wheels printouts.

For the favor bags I bought some plain red bags and, using some checkered craft paper created a flap and sealed it with a car and wheel sticker. On the back there was a tag that said “Thanks for racing over!” Inside they each received a car, some candy and some other racing trinkets that I found at the party store.

Favor bags

Favor bags

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Girls Parties: Spa Party

Spa Party

We decided to do a Spa Party for my daughter's 10th birthday. We transformed our house into a Day Spa for this party! I named the Day Spa "MnM' Day Spa, following my daughters initials. I made a big sign that we hung on the door so the girls knew they were entering a Spa. We also greeted them with a glass of sparkling grape juice and a warm towel. Upon entering the had to sign in at the reception desk.

Sign for the door

The Invitation
I was really creative with the Spa Party invite. Each girl received a brochure of services  that I created on the computer. Inside the brochure was a gift certificate for three services of their choice. They had to bring this gift certificate to the party to redeem at check-in.
The Invitation and "Gift Certificate"

Activities and Decorations
When they arrived I had my dining room set up as a check-in desk and waiting room with some chairs and magazines. I also had a little changing area where they put the towel robes I made from a cheap towel and added elastic to the top.

Waiting Room/Changing Area

We also had some soothing spa music in the background. At check-in the girls were given a clipboard and had to select the services they wished to partake in.
Spa choices
I had a table set up with a small container of foot scrub, face mask and lotion. I created a personalized label for each small container. We then proceeded to have stations with all the services. A friend kindly offered to do nails so we also had a manicure and nail painting area.
Mini bottles of lotion, scrub and face mask

Table set-up
Girls getting a facial while listening to spa music
The girls each got  their own towel and water bottle to take home. They also got to keep their wraps and all the left over spa goodies - it was a blast!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Boys Parties: Nerf Dart Tag Party

Nerf Dart Tag Party

My son was really into nerf guns so for his 9th birthday we decided to organize a Nerf Dart Tag party for him, it was a blast for kids and adults as well!

The Invitation
The Table Setting
For the table setting I just went with an orange table cloth and black plates. I went with a camo colored cup to spruce it up! Using orange and black tissue paper and  an empty toilet roll I made “darts” filled with candy, the boys loved these.
Table setting with candy-filled "darts"
First we did some practice shooting on our driveway. We made a wooden stand and attached plastic cups as targets for the boys to practice on.
Target practice
I made the boys simple dart tag vests using  black felt and added a red or blue target on the front. I used sticky Velcro and stuck small pieces on each dart so they would stick to the vest. We set up a practice station that they used before heading to the local park which I had set up for them.
At the part we set up a refreshment table with water bottles, Jell-O and popcorn because dart tag is hard work!
Using cardboard from moving boxes I created bases and coved one with a blue plastic table cloth and one in red and the spray painted “red” and “blue” to make them look rustic. The boys all had a blast running around tagging each other!
Red team

Blue team
The Favors
For the favors I found some cheap green, plastic cups and using an orange and black puffy paint pen I customized them. Inside  I filled them with some darts, camo tattoos and a lollypop that I printed and glued a target to the wrapper that said thanks for tagging me!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Girls Parties: Roller Skating Party

Roller Skating Party

My daughter loves to roller skate so we decided to have a roller skating party with a small group of her friends.

I purchased some clip art off the internet and created a cute invite using her favorite colors; purple and blue. I made a custom envelope in some cute matching paper to  be different.

The invitation
The Table Setting
For the tables I decided to go with some shiny, purple sequin fabric to add some bling and mimic a disco ball texture, it looked awesome! I used a blue table runner down the middle and sprinkled blue glass jewels on it to reflect the light. For the place settings, I went with cute square plates and napkins that matched the colors. I also purchased some cute blue water bottles with handles for the girls to tote around with them.
Extras for the table
The Favors
For the favor bags I bought some plain brown bags and glued a roller skate to each bag, alternating blue and purple. To add a 3d effect I added a coordinating bow to mimic the lace, they turned out very cute! The actual favor was a plastic ornament ball I bought at the hobby store and inside was a pair of long socks. I then glued sequins to the outside of the ornament so it looked like a mini disco ball and then added a thank you tag. Also in the bag was a necklace, headband and some candy.
Favor bag with roller skate

Clear plastic Christmas ornament with tube sock inside


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Boys Parties: Video Game Party

Video Game Party

My son wanted to have a video game party for his 8th birthday so we had a couple TVs with Wii, Xbox and PlayStation set up and rented a bunch of games we rented from  a local movie/game rental kiosk. This kept the boys pretty busy, other than a few snack breaks!

The Invitation
I made little baskets of snacks for each boy and a bag of pre-popped pop corn. Each boy also had a custom water bottle .  I typed and printed out their names and, using spray glue, I glued them to the water bottles. I found the red metal water bottles at the local dollar store.

Fuel-up station

Wii remote cupcakes

For the cupcakes, I used blue frosting and a mini white chocolate bar that I decorated with a black gel icing  to look like a Wii remote. I purchased some “boyish” craft paper and, using a template I found online, cut my own cupcake wrappers (see template at the end of this book). For favors, I found a DIY cardstock Wii remote template online and stuffed it with candy. The boys also got to take their water bottles and baskets home.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Boys Parties: Pirate Party

Pirate Party

The Invitation
Ahoy Matey! Calling all pirates! For this party I created an invite using a map background I found online and added some clip art. I used a plain envelope and added a red and white stripe insert to give the envelope a pop.
The Invitation
The Table Setting
I found some cute fabric at the fabric store that resembled a map texture and I used that as my tablecloth. For place mats I bought a big sheet of black cardstock and cut it into placemat sizes and wrote the boys names in chalk. I also supplied chalk so they could draw on their placemat – this was a huge hit! I found some cute pirate plates, cups and napkins from the party store. For the centerpieces I went with a couple wooden treasure boxes and filled them with ‘loot’.
The table setting

Individual setting

To match the invitation I used the remaining red and white striped craft paper as well as some plain red paper to create a custom banner.
Custom banner

The Activities
Every pirate has to walk the plank! Using a blue sheet of poster paper and some fish stickers, two bricks and a plank of wood we created a walk the plank station. So easy and so fun! After walking the plank, each pirate got to dig for treasure! I made a pretend ship using cardboard, spray-painted it black and filled it with sand. We buried some loot in the sand and the boys were each given a turn to dig, they loved this!
Dig for treasure

Walk the plank
The Favors
For favors I found some cute treasure box favor boxes and filled them with pirate trinkets and some loot of course! I added a piece of chalk board paper and wrote their names in chalk. They turned out very cute.

                Pirate treasure box favor